Whether it’s weeds insects or disease, soil imbalance is the cause of all lawn problems. Due to topsoil stripping during construction, your lawn’s soil is basically composed of compact infertile clay. Because it’s impossible to grow a healthy lawn in lifeless clay, we use fertilizers blended from the finest organic ingredients to relieve soil compaction by:

  • Increasing Your Soil’s Organic Matter
    Soil compaction shuts off the absorption of organic matter that supplies essential nutrients and humus for strong-celled grass growth.
  • Restoring Your Soil’s Biological Fertility
    Soil compaction shuts off the oxygen and water supply for beneficial aerobic soil microbes which dissolve minerals and organic matter into readily available plant foods. This lack of oxygen gives rise to anaerobic microbes which cause lawn disease. Additionally, low moisture retention causes your lawn to become hard during hot, dry weather.
  • Balancing Your Soil’s Mineral Content
    Compact clay soil contains excessive amounts of magnesium and low levels of calcium. As a result, clay is “chemically glued” tightly together.
Soil Imbalance Our lawn care program quickly provides lush green-up of your grass while restoring the fertility of your soil. This natural fertility not only makes your lawn healthy, but also nourishes your trees and garden!

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