The technology of Organic1′s Fertility Management provides the short-term results of turf green-up for customer satisfaction, while incrementally directing the long-term development of the soil food web. These results are achieved by formulations that meet the nutritional needs of the plant for optimum greening results, while at the same time work to incrementally widen the calcium to magnesium ratios and build a healthy microbial soil environment. These dry-applied products are composed of the following natural and non-toxic bio-rational ingredients and non-plant food ingredients:
  • Diamagnetic and paramagnetic rock mineral powders
  • Proteins and carbohydrates from grains and whole foods
  • Vitamins and cytokinins from plant source
  • Geologically concentrated humus humates
  • Readily soluble food grade plant growth nutrients
Each growing year consists of five seasonal growth cycles – Early Spring, Late Spring, Summer, Autumn and Late Fall. The turf care blends we use are designed according to these growth cycles in order to provide exactly what is needed at each specific time for optimal growth and plant health.

The Organic1 Turf Health Care Regime: Five Seasonal Applications

  • Organic1 Spring Magnesium Cycle (Applied in Early Spring: March 1 to May 15) Breaks winter dormancy by activating the soil’s biological life, making nutrients available for strong root growth.
  • Organic1 Growth Iron/Phosphorus Cycle (Applied in Late Spring: May 15 to July 1)
    Biologically stimulates the release of iron and phosphorus for rich green color while hardening turf for summer heat.
  • Organic1 Summer Calcium Cycle (Applied in Summer: July 1 to August 15) High levels of calcium facilitate extensive root growth for turf regeneration when weather cools in autumn.
  • Organic1 Autumn Potassium Cycle (Applied in Autumn: August 21 to October 15) Balances soil pH while aiding in the relief of soil compaction caused by summer heat and drought.
  • Organic1 Breakthru Winterizer Remineralization Cycle (Applied in Late Fall: October 15 to December 15) A mineral reserve for winter dormancy that buffers salts for natural crab grass control the following season.

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