Organic Lawns for the Cheap And Lazy

Organic Lawn care for the Cheap and Lazy. Now that’s my kind of lawn care! Sorry to say it but I’ve got a million other things to do. Can I have a nice lawn without working too hard on it? I’m all for it!

The web page linked to below is written by “The colorful and dynamic permaculture icon, Paul Wheaton” who is a speaker on all sorts of eco-friendly and sustainable topics. If we would all observe organic lawn care practices it would have a huge beneficial effect on the environment. It is estimated that Americans dump at least 80 million pounds of pesticides on their yards each year, much more per acre than agriculture!

He lives in Missoula Montana so some of his advice is tailored to that area but basically it comes down to two things: setting your mower high and proper watering. And, a word of warning – he calls it “lawn care in a nutshell” but the article is 20 pages long! He’s a very entertaining writer though. It’s a fun read.

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